1st Place

One of my favourite of all the trivia experiences. I didn’t even want to go originally; at that stage of my life, staying home and entertaining myself was more appealing than being out anywhere with anyone, and the only reason why i entered the venue at all was to hear just 1 question so if anyone asked what the questions were like, i could have an example as evidence. And it didn’t start well as i didn’t have the money to pay the entrance fee and received no assistance from any of the eye rolling Arty students who were around me but luckily the nice organiser of the event who i shared a university class with said i could pay later. I sat at a table and things still didn’t improve; i found myself surrounded by the very same Arty students who were willing to have me thrown out rather than lend me a couple of dollars – there was Cold Annie Hall seated beside me, Awkward Nerd directly in front, Pleasant but Unmemorable Ron Weasley-lookalike to the left of the Nerd and his Surprisingly Stunning girlfriend to the right of the Nerd for some reason, as well as 2 Cool Guys on the farther end of the table who were too far to talk with. However conversation with the people in my vicinity proved just as unbearable as trying to enter at the same time as them; they were the type of people who weren’t shy about exchanging rude looks at something you’d say or mention that you’re ‘digging a hole’ and so on, luckily the questions soon began and the social part of the night concluded. However once the questions did begin; i couldn’t help but notice that not only was i enjoying the night…but the table was now completely overpopulated, even if we did win (and after a smooth sail of questions in the first round, it seemed less than impossible) we’d probably each only end up with only one page of a book each and a shard of DVD! So the organiser approached us and recommended we break up that big group, the 2 Cool Guys rose and headed to an empty table..and i stood right up and joined them – i asked if they minded and they reassured me with a “you know stuff”. Soon the 3 became 4 as a Wild Indian Dude joined us and we were set, a quartet of personalities and knowledge bases that melded into a strong entity, like The Beatles and the new-age Indie bands who tried to compete would soon be letdown. Knocking over the questions, even lucking out on a super bonus question; by the end of the night we were almost 10 points above the maximum we could get – the questions were heavily entertainment-based (What’s the name of the bearded old guy on The Simpsons?) along with some dips into the Pot Luck (fear of the number 13..?) and even some additional challenges on paper that we were to chip away at over the course of the night which included a big Sudoku puzzle and a Where’s Wally? which turned out to be rigged as Wally was photoshopped out!  But there was no photoshopping the joy when the winner was announced, me and my teammates stood and went to divide the table of prizes semi-equally amongst us and the night was over; to date, i’ve never teamed up with those guys again or even seen them really but hopefully one day we can although like the previously mentioned foursome, maybe we were also destined to be short-lived 😦 On the way out, i passed my original table who’d finished close to last; i looked at them and said “Sorry i ditched you…” and had both my hands not been full, a certain finger gesture would’ve accompanied that statement, the Surprisingly Stunning girl applauded me, surprisingly! And home i went, if i wasn’t a trivia guy before that night, i was by the end of it. Glad i went.

Prize: 2 books, DVD, CD’s, magazine, a double pass to Cinema Nova.

Sample question: How many times is ‘Bye’ said in the song ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’? (was the bonus question).
Thanks all!


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